EDlumina.com is moving this summer to Cyanna.com. Cyanna developed EDlumina to combine its educational services with software solutions and now the two sites are coming together to give users a more seamless experience. EDlumina and Cyanna will both function like always, we’re just going through a facelift.


Educational Software Solutions

The EDlumina line of educational software solutions provides colleges and institutions alike with a full-service online education platform. Track your students from lead to alumni and everything in between, including admissions processing, tracking student progress and attendance all in one convenient online place. Perfect for 100% online schools and traditional schools in need of more flexible online options.


Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Student Information System - Online Platform

Student Information System (SIS)

Sell Courses Online with EDlumina Catalog

Sell Classes & Collect Payments Online

Augmented & Virtual Reality for Educational Courses

Virtual & Augmented Reality EDU Experiences

About EDlumina

EDlumina was developed in 2009 as a way to manage and improve admissions and enrollment processes for schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education. EDlumina has steadily evolved over the past decade to meet the growing needs of our diverse client base. Each version of EDlumina has been a cloud-based, online solution, and over time EDlumina’s CRM grew to include many digital features that help schools move away from the rigors of traditional paper files & lead management: online forms & document storage, custom workflows and robust reporting options.

Beyond admissions and enrollments, EDlumina now offers solutions for the entire student life cycle: from the ability to sell courses and collect payments online, to managing student and classroom data in an online student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS), and even into the creation of immersive, educational experiences in virtual reality. EDlumina can help your school or organization to monitor, engage, and improve the success rates of your students, from enrollment to graduation and beyond– all while allowing your staff to be more efficient and informed.

As our partner schools grow, so does EDlumina– we continue to develop our software and services so that in turn,  our clients do as well. Learn more today about what EDlumina can do for you, your staff, and your institution.

What Clients Say

"We have been using EDlumina/Cyanna for many years. We are extremely happy with the new changes within the system. The customer service is superb and what I really love and appreciate is they take my suggestions for making an incredible admissions software program and implement them! Thank you!"
Brenda Scharman
Cameo College of Essential Beauty
“We use EDlumina to track and manage our leads and enrollments coming through our website and referrals. This system is well organized and easy to navigate. More importantly though the staff respond quickly to questions and concerns and are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this system to track students from leads to enrollment and beyond, in one comprehensive online system.”
Jaimie Wyles
Recruiter & Admissions Representative, International Diving Institute
“We are so grateful for the EDlumina team and their training with us to coach our team members on their software. It is easy to use & understand and works for our needs perfectly. It allows us to import our leads easily and track the progress internally with a platform that can be managed from anywhere. Our administrative team has enjoyed using their product over this past year and looks forward to continuing with EDlumina/Cyanna for years to come.”
Barbara Lyon
Academy Director at Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy
Sam Bauer - EDlumina Account Executive

Get Started Today

Learn more about what EDlumina can do for you and your organization by scheduling a demonstration with EDlumina Account Executive, Samantha Bauer. Samantha’s 10+ years of experience in career training & higher education has helped her to understand how important it is to have the right software in place for your organization.