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Sell Courses Online

With Catalog, your organization or educational institution can open a new line of revenue by allowing students and potential employees to purchase your professional development and continuing education courses online. Catalog can be set up to be accessed directly from your existing website, and students can purchase and begin courses at their leisure.

Interested in selling and distributing your courses online?

Starting your EDlumina Catalog means being able to sell and distribute your educational courses to a wider audience at a click of a button. Perfect for organizations and traditional schools in need of online options.

Sell Courses Online with EDlumina Catalog

Sell Your Courses & Collect Payments Online

  • Sell your online courses from your website while collecting payments instantly
  • Improve the speed and convenience at which your audience can access courses online
  • Open a previously untapped revenue stream while broadening your reach
  • Catalog can work well in conjunction with EDlumina Immersive, which allows organizations and schools to take their course catalog a step farther, in the form of Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

Our Clients

“When we found Cyanna, they were like the answer to my dreams. The amount of work they were able to take off my plate, I couldn't be more excited about the work they are doing.”
Jim Kahler
Ohio University's Director of Sports Gambling Education
Sam Bauer - EDlumina Account Executive

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Learn more about what EDlumina can do for you and your organization by scheduling a demonstration with EDlumina Account Executive, Samantha Bauer. Samantha’s 10+ years of experience in career training & higher education has helped her to understand how important it is to have the right software in place for your organization.