Immersive Education

EDlumina Immersive

EDlumina Immersive builds engaging educational content through the emerging technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degree video. Imagine teaching online courses in aeronautics or IT and being able to walk your students on a virtual trip through the inner workings of a jet engine, or the inside of a microchip. Or, for the workplace, providing a 100% safe and immersive training program for forklift operators.

Augmented and Virtual Reality technology is changing the way schools and institutions present their course offerings – allowing for truly immersive courses that improve knowledge retention and overall engagement among students.

Augmented & Virtual Reality for Educational Courses

Why use Immersive Education?

  • Improved student satisfaction, engagement, and knowledge retention
  • Allows students to focus on learning subject material rather than how to use new technology itself
  • Can be used in conjunction with your existing curriculum – no need to rewrite everything
  • Empowers educators looking to inject life into lesson plans
  • Useable anywhere there’s an Internet connection by anyone with a smart device
  • Real-time analytics so you can make data-driven decisions
  • For the workplace, allows for streamlined training

Heavy Duty VR

Heavy Duty VR is a virtual reality simulator that provides a safe and immersive training experience for forklift operators. By utilizing virtual reality (VR), forklift trainees learn in a safe and controlled environment that is proven to increase knowledge retention far beyond other traditional methods of training – all while eliminating potential costly mistakes and liabilities.

Cyanna Augmented Reality App

Cyanna’s Augmented Reality capabilities utilize handheld smart devices to supplement educational curriculum in new and engaging ways. In our demonstration video above, IT students can simply activate a QR code to interact with IT hardware, experiencing more details and increasing student engagement. From aeronautics to zoology and every course subject in between, augmented reality is changing the way schools and institutions improve knowledge retention and the quality of their course offerings.

Sam Bauer - EDlumina Account Executive

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