Unenroll and No Start Previously Enrolled Students

  1. No Starts & Events
    1. The option to “Enroll” students at the bottom of a lead profile now contains option to “No Start” or “Unenroll” a student.
    2. Unenroll can be used for students that were prematurely moved to Enroll
    3. No Start can be used for students that are, indeed, No Starts
    4. Selecting No Start on the user profile will allow EDlumina users to search for No Starts under “Lead Status” in the Advanced Search on the Lead Activity page.

  1. New Event outcomes have now been added to the lead profile in addition to the existing outcomes, Completed and No Show:
    1. Cancelled
    2. Rescheduled
  2. If an event is marked as No Show two additional options are presented for the event, “No Show – Reschedule” and “No Show – Cancelled”
    1. If “No Show – Reschedule” is selected the event will be moved to Reschedule – After.
    2. If “No Show – Cancelled” is selected the event will be moved to Cancelled – After.
  3. Each of these statuses will have a direct relationship on the new Events Report detailed below.

EDlumina New Releases 2020 SummaryAutomatic Event Confirmation Reminders

  1. When scheduling an event type of “Appointment”, “Interview”, or “Financial Aid” an automated message can now be sent to the student prospect confirming the event.
  2. This confirmation is defaulted to the following in the Message Templates section, but can be updated with HTML/Text as needed per client.
  3. A copy of the confirmation sent will show within the Direct Message on the individual’s lead profile page.

Message Template Dropdown Selector – Mass Send a Note & Schedule the Notes

  1. First, create the various templates that should be saved for later use. Refer to the Messaging Templates* section of the training manual for details.

*The Administration Role will only have access to Messaging Templates. See your System Administrator for more information.

  1. Once the templates have been created and saved. Review the following to begin using this new feature:
    1. On the lead Activity Page, select the leads where a message should be sent, then go to “Actions” > “Send a Note”  Or Send a Note to All
    2. Next, select the delivery method (Email or Text) and click on “Use Template”. Within this dropdown you will see the various templates for use.
    3. After the template has been selected, the message will populate into the textbox. The message can be edited as needed.
    4. Once the message is ready to send, simple hit “Send Now” or Schedule the message to go at a specific date/time

*The message will appear automatically in the lead profiles Direct Message, however will go out at the date/time that has been selected. (Enhancement pending for updating the information to say ‘Scheduled’.)

  1. The ability to assign message templates to steps to automatically upon entering that step already exists, however we’ve added onto this feature with scheduled messaging. Now, in the “Send a Note” feature on your Lead Activity Page you can schedule a time to send certain messages to a group of prospective students. This feature can be used in conjunction with the new template* selector, or for ad hoc messaging.
    1. From here, users will be shown the option to “Send At”. By selecting this a date and time selector will populate.
    2. Select the time and select “Schedule” to have the message be sent at the time selected.

*Now users will have the option, when searching for a group of leads to “Send a Note to All” of the leads in that search. 

Previously, users would need to select per page after they’ve searched to send a message to all. Once you’ve selected the to ‘Send a Note to All’ the dialog box will open where the message can be entered and sent via Email or Text in mass! 

Direct Message – Templates (Works the same way minus scheduling)

  1. Select the lead in which you’d like to send a message. Go to the “Message” icon. Once there, you should see a new option to “Use Template”. Select the template dropdown to populate the necessary message.
  2. Once the message has populated, users can adjust the language as needed then send.

Enrolled Events on Follow Up Lead Activity Page – Released Monday, March 2, 2020

  1. If a lead has an Enrolled status AND has a follow up scheduled the lead will show on the My Follow Ups & All Follow Ups lead activity page. With this new release, EDlumina now allows you to nurture the leads even after enrolled!
  2. Please note, if the event outcome has not been “Completed”, the past event for enrolled would also show. This would be a reminder for the Rep to clean up their data by making sure an outcome has been selected.