New Features: Merge Duplicates & Mass Lead Transfer

  • A duplicate lead that has been merged will route to the original Lead Owner, Program, Campus, etc.
  • A duplicate lead will be tagged as a duplicate to merge by number or email address
  • When the duplicate account comes in, it will present the original lead owner with an opportunity to “merge” accounts
  • Merging the account will associate the two accounts and merge in notes and events with the lead to be kept. The merged account will be closed-duplicate status with a link to the original.
  • Merged leads will be removed from the system and not appear in any analytics (reporting).
  • Removing the lead permanently from database with error message.
  • *This must be turned on by Cyanna. Please let us know if you want this feature enabled.

The Rep decides which lead they are merging with -> Rep Selects ‘Merge Into This Lead’

Rep receives the following error message -> Selects OK or Cancel > Lead is Merged

Please note: If there is more than one lead, the rep will need to do this for each duplicate lead.


Mass Lead Transfer

    • As an Admin of EDlumina, I am now able to Mass reassign leads to other active reps, to the same campus.
    • If I try to assign leads to a different campus, I will receive the following error –
    • To find transfer leads, I will use the Advanced Search ->filter by existing lead owner-> Search All Active Leads
    • From my results displayed on the Lead Activity page -> select all (or select a few) leads from that page (30) with the checkbox -> Actions ->Reassign Lead(s) > and choose the new rep from dropdown. *Note, if you want all leads, this will need to be done by page at this time. Adding additional feature for Reassign All Leads shortly.