Enrolled Events on Follow Up Lead Activity Page; Timestamp on notes; Scheduled Messages Time and Date (DM)

Enrolled Events on Follow Up Lead Activity Page:
  • If a lead has an Enrolled status AND has a follow up scheduled the lead will show on the My Follow Ups & All Follow Ups lead activity page. With this new release, EDlumina will allow you to nurture the leads even after enrolled!
  • Please note, if the event outcome has not been “Completed”, the past event for enrolled would also show. This would be a reminder for the Rep to clean up their data by making sure an outcome has been selected.

  • Example is Brianne Ferrara above, she would not show with a past due event, if the Follow Up was completed appropriately. (See below screenshot)


Timestamp on notes:
  • Now, users will see the time in addition to the previously existing date for when notes were entered.

Scheduled Messages Time and Date (DM):
    • When a message is scheduled it will show immediately in the Direct Message. This update has added the time and date the message will be sent.
  • Example- Scheduled:Send at 3 Mar 2020 – 10:45am (See below screenshot)