EDlumina Admissions Release Notes – January 2021

New Admissions Features:

  • Start / No Start Designation
  • Dashboard Reporting

Bug Fixes:

  • Actions and Efficacy Report Filters

Start / No Start Designation

After a student is enrolled there is now an option to Start and No Start students. This designation will be directly linked to the new lead reporting detailed below.

Dashboard Reporting


  • Overview details show for the institution as a whole in “Overview” as well as show campus specific information.
  • Leads/Contacts = Unique leads in(unique leads report) by those that have been contacted (completing the “First Contacted” in the lead profile)
  • Contacts/Appts Scheduled = Those that have been contacted (completing the “First Contacted”) by Leads that have had an appointment type of event scheduled
  • Appts Scheduled/Appts Completed = Leads that have had an appointment scheduled / by those that have completed an Appointment (Numbers here are pulled from the Events Report)
  • Appts Completed / Enrolled = those that have a completed appointment (Numbers to be pulled from Events Report) by those that were marked as Enrolled. (Not moved to an enrolled step)
  • Enrolled / Start = Marked as enrolled / Those marked as a “Started” (New Feature above)
  • Finally, the “Same number of Days Searched Compared to:” will give numbers to compare the existing date range with 30, 90, or 365 prior for the same number of days searched.
  • By selecting “Campus Dashboard” users can drill down by program for the same statistics

Lead Trends:

  • Lead Trends will show you Goals, Enrolled leads, Starts, and No Starts by year for each quarter.
  • “Campus trends” will allow you to filter down by campus programs
  • How to populate the numbers:
    • Goal = Goal total for that campus for the date range selected. Goal is found in Programs > Cohorts.
      • This will pull the sum for cohorts start date on the date range selected
    • Enrolled = Total number marked as enrolled (and still enrolled) for that date range
    • Starts = the new “Started” field in the lead profile
    • No Starts = those marked as “No Start” status for the date range selected.
  • One can also sort by chart or table view:

Programs > Program > Cohorts (To enter a goal for the start date)

Bug Fixes:

Actions and Efficacy Report Filters

  • The ability to filter by Campus and Program within the Actions and Efficacy Reports should now be functional.