EDlumina Admissions Release Notes – May 2021

New Filter for To Do’s or Task

  • Added a new filter for “To Do’s” under Admissions
  • This page will contain all the events (Follow up, Appointment, Interview, General, Financial Aid) for which the system user is assigned
    • Lead Owners will now see the event and who the event is assigned to
  • It will use the same logic as follow ups for Past Due events then Upcoming — It will NOT show for leads that do not have a follow up assigned (as it does in the follow ups queue)
    • So, this filter is queried on events rather than leads owned by the user.
  • If there is an event where no lead is assigned, it will still show and just leave the other fields blank.
  • If the lead owner doesn’t have any leads assigned, they will not see any results on this page

New Country fields for International Clients

  • Lead profile additions
    • Added Country drop down options (Country listed alphabetically):
      • Add a Lead manually
      • Advanced Search
        • Smart search to type in list and narrow down selection
  • International Phone Field updates to allow either US or International as Primary/default
    • Add formatting to fields
      • Previously the number format was set for US domestic numbers
        • Updated the format to account/work for both international and domestic (to the US) numbers
        • Updated UI with how we format the numbers to include country code etc.
        • Default to US country code unless otherwise specified
      • Lead Profile – Default US Citizen
  • Lead Import & API Documentation
  • Reporting: Demographic Report
    • Offers Demographics data relevant to each lead
    • Can be run by Program or Campus

Calendar Updates

  • We updated the calendar view to accurately depict the duration of events on the calendar.
  • Added a Legend for color coding to allow more space on actual Event
  • Reveal the lead name on Calendar view
  • Start Time & Who
  • Screenshot on Page 3:

Bug Fixes Resolved

  • Secondary Follow Ups now appear in reverse chronological order as: Nothing Scheduled (create), Past Due (in Red) and Upcoming future events.
  • Reversed the Name of 2 Dashboard Reports to better align with data display:
    • Overview
    • Lead Trends
  • Download Blank pdf